Monkey Bars

Monkey bars not only help a child build their muscles early on through a suspension-based exercise, it also gives children a sense of challenge, and teaches them to build a goal-driven work ethic.

Monkey bars are quite unique in comparison to most common children’s play structures like cubby houses and slides. While those are meant to be easily used for the amusement of children, the monkey bars are one that could actually prove to be quite a challenge for them.

Unlike climbing a ladder, or finding the guts in them to fearlessly go down the slide, climbing monkey bars is far from an innate skill that every child will learn in time; acquiring the skill it takes to use this play structure is an accomplishment that not all children will be able to reach. It’s definitely a lot of fun once the child gets the hang of it, though, and this challenge is a great way of teaching children how to work towards a goal that is currently quite out of reach, providing them not only with a great muscle development workout but also one that builds their early mental and emotional capacities.

Some children will give up easily, but there are a number of things that can be done in order to keep them interested and motivated. For one, you must make it known to them that it is not something that everyone is just able to easily do. This will motivate them further as completing this task will mean that they are capable of what is to them a great achievement that not all people will accomplish, and give them a sense of pride and fulfilment. There are many other things you can do, but they will largely depend on what the child responds to best.