Medicine Ball Rack

This is the perfect rack to hold all of your medicine balls, weighted balls used in a plethora of exercise regimens.


Medicine balls are a staple of the gym setting. Around the size of a normal basketball, these exercise aids come in various weights, which means there is always going to be one that’s useful for anyone; even for someone totally new to exercising. There are used to increase the resistance of any exercise, thus adding strain to the motions and working the muscles harder.

There are many benefits that come with the use of medicine balls in comparison to other similar exercise aids. For one, medicine balls are very much inexpensive in comparison to other weighted aids such as barbells or dumbbells. Furthermore, they are significantly easier to carry around, which makes them great as an exercising tool to take on the go. Furthermore, the possibilities with the medicine ball just go on and on; although they are usually used in core exercises, there are also exercises where they can be used to develop the upper and lower body muscles. By using it right, you can get a full body workout out of the medicine ball. They are also optimal for developing power in your muscles, which is their ability to exert a great amount of force in a short span of time, which is important for athletes in various fields, be it running, boxing, and the like. It is also a great tool in post-surgery rehabilitation, allowing one a light exercise tool that they can use to work their way back up to a condition of peak physical health.