Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine

Magnetic resistance rowing machines are an aerobic exercise equipment which simulates the rowing motion of a boat’s oars. The strength of the magnetic resistance can be adjusted, making for a dynamic exercise experience.

Magnetic rowing machines are an aerobic exercise equipment used to simulate the motion of rowing a boat, which uses magnets to simulate the resistance of the water against the oars. They provide a smooth and strong rowing stroke and are usually offered at almost every price range, naturally with varying features and overall quality.

One of the primary upsides to getting a magnetic resistance rowing machine is that they are relatively silent compared to other rowing machines, particularly in comparison to the air resistance based rowing machine variants. Furthermore, these often come with pre-programmed exercises which come with the performance monitors.

The way magnetic resistance rowing machines is that they move the magnets closer or farther from a metal flywheel, which creates a greater resistance the closer you put it, thus simulating the effect of resistance in the motion as you row. Quite simply put, if you put the magnet closer to the metal flywheel, it gains more magnetic resistance. Consequently, the more magnetic resistance it is, the slower the flywheel goes, and the harder it is to row.

The difference with these in comparison to air rowers is that the resistance you experience does not change whether you’re rowing speedily or slowly; it will stay constantly proportionate to the resistance setting you put it on. More often than not, this feature is operated by turning a dial or pressing buttons on a screen. This makes for quite a uniform and efficient exercise experience that you can scale up manually as desired.