Collection: Lower Body Training

You can’t spell “legendary” without “leg day”, and here at Gym and Fitness, we have your next leg machine for you to smash out a lower body training session!

Expanding your home or commercial gym with a premium and high-quality leg machine is an investment in your health. Leg machines are perfect for building and sculpting lean muscle mass on your lower body and are safe isolation exercises that reduce your risk of injuring your back.

Types of Leg Machines.

Leg Press Machines are designed to build up lower body strength. There are two types of leg machines. The horizontal leg machine is the easiest system since the user is usually prone or supine on the machine, which is parallel to the ground. The vertical leg machines provide a more intense workout since the legs have to lift the weights straight up.

Leg machines at the gym can vary with different models and muscle focus groups. For example, you can have your leg press, hack squat, leg extension, hammer curl, smith machine, GHR/GHD (glute hammie raise/developer), calf raise, adductor and abductor stack.

Achieve your leg training goals.

At Gym and Fitness, you can achieve your fitness goals without asking for a spot and reduce your risk of injury with free weights by using our leg machines. Before using any leg machine for the first time, make sure you follow the guidance from a personal trainer or coach who can correct your form and technique to ensure you use the machine safely.

Lower body training for your home gym.

Leg machines for home gym setups are ideal for limited space. You could always opt for versatile leg machine equipment such as our Ultimate Leg Press/Hack Squat machine. Target your quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves with our extensive range of premium leg machines at Gym and Fitness and watch your legs grow into the tree trunks you’ve always wanted.

Browse our range of leg curl equipment and leg extension machines for your isolated leg workouts that are built to add gains to your leg day session.

For a juicy leg session, hit up our team for all your leg machine requests, and browse our online gym collection with your free weights and cardio equipment. We’d love to help you get your gym set up with the best leg machines in the market