Kick Pads

Kick pads are integral training equipment in various combat-based sports such as MMA and kickboxing. With a proper trainer, they can be very effective at giving you the most gain out of your time.

Kick pads are important training tools in combat-based sports that involve kicking, especially sports such as mixed martial arts, more commonly known as MMA, and kickboxing. Be that as it may, there are those who are unable to make use of these all too powerful training tools efficiently. Visit the gym, for instance, and you’ll see some people using these pads just to punch away, as though it were a glorified sandbag. However, using it this way is simply a disservice to what it can actually do for you if you were to use it optimally in training.

These kick pads are excellent for building up a fighter’s endurance, especially if your trainer slides in a few cardio training exercises in between to allow you to improve your overall stamina. These are an integral part of what allows trained fighters across many combat sports to practice even the most complex and powerful of combat techniques, as it teaches you how to perform these techniques against a real target, allowing one to really tighten their punches, and pack a very powerful punch.

Furthermore, if you are using them properly, kick pads also astronomically reduce the risks of running into any form of injury while you are in a training session. It is simply much safer to use than other target practice equipment, such as sandbags when you are using your legs to attempt to inflict powerful blows. Since they can also be held by the trainer during a practice session, it teaches you how to work with a moving target. Also, if you are with a trainer that knows what they are doing, you can punch and kick through the middle of the pads, but you will find it hard to do the same with the top and bottom, which teaches you how to land a hit with accuracy.