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Jungle Gym

Jungle gyms are frames with metal bars attached for children to hold onto and hang from, giving them exercise, and developing their interpersonal skills in the process as they play with others.

Jungle gyms, more commonly referred to as monkey bars, or climbing frames, are a common feature that can be found in most indoor and outdoor playgrounds. Among swing sets, slides, cubby houses, seesaws, and other children’s playthings, this is one that stands out. There are many benefits that it can present when children are playing with it the way they ought to be. Simply put, children are supposed to hold onto the frames from the bottom, and climb their way to wherever they wish to go. This allows for the development of their muscles early on and is also a great way for them to train their motor skills, as well as communication and interpersonal skills as they play on the jungle gym with their peers. There is simply quite a lot of upside to letting your children play on the jungle gym after school, or on a weekend with all of their schoolmates, neighbours, and friends.

For one, it gets your children out of the house, and into the sun. This is especially a great upside if they are playing in the morning, as it allows them to soak up the sun’s early-morning vitamin D. It is also just a welcome change in comparison to what most kids these days end up doing at home playing video games or watching TV. This is not to say that these are harmful in any way, as some games can be educational, but a balance between these and their physical activity is always going to be an upside, more than anything.