Inversion Table

Inversion tables, amongst all strength enhancing equipment, has the most health benefits in store for its users. Hit two birds with one stone with this baby! Go ahead browse through our collection of inversion table and pull the trigger on one that would match your taste.


Therapy through Inversion tables is very healthy for the spine down to the lower back muscles. It is done by tilting the whole body in an angle for a few moments, which then helps it stretch properly, therefore helping restore the correct placement of the discs in the spine. Also through inversion, the spine elongates and relieving the compressed parts of the existing pressure.

By carefully strapping the body in the inversion table for a brief amount of time, a lot of comfort is granted to the user. People who usually undergo inversion therapy only with chiropractors and physiotherapists can now do it at the comfort of their own home using the Inversion table at their disposal.

Those who have been chronologically undergoing inversion therapy has claimed that they’ve had unfathomable health benefits. Enumerated here are the most common benefits these people are experiencing: negated muscle tension, superb pain-relief, reduced stress levels, active blood circulation and increased flexibility.

Inversion Therapy is conducted advisably in a 15-30 degree angle inversion of the body. Usually, inversion sessions last for about 5-15 minutes depending on the user’s tolerance. Inversion therapies are known to cure chronic low back problems, non-specific back pains, Sciatic pain, degenerative disc disease and deep muscle tension.

It may sound like a long shot, but inversion therapy indeed prevents surgeries specifically spine related problems, regular stretching of the spine is known to keep it healthy. Others also do inversion therapy instead of taking pain-killers when experiencing specific kinds of pain.