Interval Timers

Interval Timers play a huge role in managing your time during working out, very useful in saving time for workouts and giving precision to your everyday workout routine. Can be programmed with a wide variety of functions that would benefit your workout more.

The interval timer is designed and manufactured to be unmatched by any other timers available on the market. One of the greatest benefits of the interval timer is that it lets you focus like a laser on your workout. This premium digital timer is sufficient for every workout and training regimen, be it extreme workouts like mixed martial arts, CrossFit, or any customised workout program.

Gyms will need the ability to synchronize several timers together and have them display the same countdown or play the timers separately to easily accommodate different workouts or heats. There are a lot of ways to incorporate interval timers in gyms, like hanging them onto a wall, attaching them to equipment or just put them atop any object where they could easily be seen.

You can set off a countdown and even a count up. The interval timer displays intervals wide ranges. With pre-programmed modes like Count up, Count down, stopwatches, interval timer with custom durations of stop and go times and many more custom functions.



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