Ice Compression Therapy Device

Cold compression is a mix of both cryotherapy and static compression, usually used for the treatment of inflammation and pain after some heavy injury or some painful surgical procedures. The Ice Compression Therapy Device makes the process easier by expediting the process.


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Cryotherapy, uses ice or cold substances as the base for the therapeutical process, it has become one of the best-known treatments when it comes to orthopedic medicine solutions. The main reason for using cryotherapy in severe injury therapies is to reduce the temperature of the affected area of the injured tissue, which in kind reduces the tissue's metabolic rate and enables the tissue to survive the duration of time following severe injuries. It is scientifically proven and well documented that the tissue’s metabolic rate decreases by the method of cryotherapy.

Static compression is often performed in unison with cryotherapy for the care of severe injuries. At present, the main reason for using compression is to add external pressure on the tissue to prevent swelling. This is made possible by decreasing the fluid loss from the vessels of the tissues in the affected injured area, rendering it less likely for fluids to build up. Ice therapy with compression increase progress ten-fold and is colder than ice alone due to heightened skin contact and increased tissue density caused by extended periods of static compression. 

Tissues plummet to its lowest temperature faster and the tissue maintains its cold temperature even after the treatment ends. It has been proven and tested to be effective following facial surgery where it has been known to decrease pain and swelling on the second and third day. It is unclear if it affects the risk of bruising though. This is one of the best and natural processes to basically reduce the pain of tissue injuries.