Heat Compression Therapy Device

The Heat Compression Therapy Device is perfect for treating post-operation wounds and simple sports injuries by enhancing blood flow to increase the regenerative properties of tissues and manage inflammation simultaneously.

Warm compress is a method used in managing swelling from injuries by applying heat to the body. By this method, muscle tissues are stimulated to heighten up their repairing properties. The compression is mainly to pinpoint the muscles or joints that are affected by the injury in order to concentrate the area in which the warming is applied.

This non-pharmacological therapy is commonly used to treat or manage minor sports injuries, post-operation wound healing, and other ophthalmic conditions. This method is known to heighten blood flow to increase the oxygenation in the injured tissues, thus helps in suppressing the inflammation in the applied area.

This method is commonly mixed up with cold compression therapies to enhance the results in managing inflammations. Some variants in our collection often sport a vibration technology to go with the heat compression in order to help loosen muscle tissues enabling them to relax more for the duration of the treatment. These Heat Compression Therapy Devices are commonly used around the back, knee or shoulder regions of the body. Our heat compression devices also sport snug-fit designs that fit almost all body types.

We also have heat compression devices that sport a digital touch screen feature that allows you to adjust the temperature, vibration pattern and duration of the treatment to your preference. Commonly used by athletes to have their muscles relax during or post-games. They are so convenient that you can bring them anywhere and have them at your disposal whenever needed.