Collection: Gym Starter Packages

Looking to take the brunt out of plunging into a fitness regime? A gym starter pack from Gym and Fitness is the ideal way to tailor your exercise regime to your needs and fit out your home gym with high-performing machines you can challenge yourself with. Our Gym Starter Sets have been put together by fitness experts to suit any budget and create a quality foundational workout to increase your fitness levels and achieve your body goals.

Become your best self with a gym starter pack

Whether you can never use the machines you want at your local gym or prefer to tailor your equipment to your needs and extend every opportunity available to you, our gym starter sets will create a solid foundation to execute every rep with precision and confidence.

However you like to train, you can design your experience to fit your needs. Choose from a collection of gym starter packs to train your upper body with power racks, benches, barbells and weight plates and never forget leg day with a premium leg press. With packages that are competitive in price and the number and diversity of exercises you can execute, you have a remarkable ability to build muscle mass, strength and endurance from the comfort of your home.

Built to last, take advantage of our premium, high-performance machines you can rely on to handle vigorous workouts and changing exercises. From training your obliques and pectorals to building out the muscle mass in your calves and thighs, you can enjoy a challenge to push past plateaus with gym starter sets that are always available to use.

Kit out your home gym with Gym Starter Sets from Gym and Fitness today

At Gym and Fitness, we have everything you need to push past your limitations from the start of your fitness journey through to maintenance. Whether you want to upgrade your equipment to the latest releases or integrate new exercises into your routine, you’ll never have to compromise with our competitively priced, premium range of gym starter packs.

Shop our entire range online and have it shipped quickly to your doorstep anywhere across Australia or visit our showroom to see them in person for yourself. Need help selecting a model that meets your current and future fitness level? Contact us anytime for personalised recommendations from our expert team.