Enduro Bag

The Enduro bag is a bag that can carry around your things for you, simply by having it attached to your mountain bag. It is durable enough to last through a fair amount of scrapes.

Mountain biking has quickly risen to become one of the most prominent forms of aerobic exercises. The highly aerobic motion while zooming through the countryside, spending hours on end exploring and exercising all at once. It is indeed a highly rewarding form of exercise, as it particularly works on improving your balance, coordination, cardiovascular endurance, and limb strength all at once. More often than not, mountain bikers go on biking expeditions in groups, so as to keep each other company and keep each other safe in case of any untoward injury. This is usually the best idea, but there are some who would rather go on their own. Whatever the case may be in this regard, long distance biking trips always pose some amount of threat to one’s safety, as external environmental factors are things that one simply cannot always account for. Be it a stray rock, a branch hanging out of a roadside, or an unstable surface, there are many things that could cause one injury. Furthermore, the heat of the sun definitely calls for one to bring a fairly sufficient amount of water for the trip.

Normally, it would be hard to bring that much stuff around whilst biking, but a solution has been made specifically for this purpose. The Enduro bag is a bag that can be attached to your mountain bike, so you can carry around the essentials without ever worrying about dropping them, and not needing to keep it strapped to your body, compromising your balance. These bags are also, more often than not, scratch-proof, meant to survive through more than a few falls and scrapes, so they can keep your essentials safe when you need them to.