Crossrow Machine

Crossrow Machines are definitely one of the most challenging machines ever existed in the gym. Users almost always run out of breath even after only a few minutes of working out on this machine. Take your game up to a new level with this workout machine.

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There are a ton of benefits about using crossrow machines, but the most highlighted part is its bi-directional resistance system. This states that there are resistances on both the pulling and pushing movement on the rower. This is a radical change to rowing machines which only show resistance in the pulling action and implements active recovery on the pushing movement.

One major benefit of performing bi-directional resistance rowing is the stimulation of more muscle groups (mostly chest and triceps), which results in a harder workout regimen and a whole lot more calories burnt. A harder workout regimen does not only burn additional calories and tones more muscles groups, but it also saves you a great deal of time by preserving more workout time. A happy customer said that because there is no backrest on the seat and you have to push forward after every row, you can stimulate your core muscle groups which can give you well-developed abs in the long run

The build quality of crossrow machines is as superb as one can get. Heavy-duty steel frames are used to support the hardcore movement of athletes during working out in these machines. Their handles are made from polyurethane-coated to give off that high-quality vibe.