Commercial Upper Body Water Grinder

The Commercial Upper Body Water Grinder portrays the intensive sport of water grinding and brings it to your home, enabling you to achieve the many fitness benefits of a racing grinder, in the comfort of your own home or controlled gym environment.


Conceptualized by sailing, it is the task of the grinder to load wind energy into propulsion by raising and folding the sails as quickly as possible. Grinders get the most difficult work onboard, they are truly top-grade athletes. Pushing and pulling rigorous amounts of physical strength and requiring a lot of cardiovascular endurance, the grinders race to turn the winding chains on seafaring yachts to raise the sails, with the classic crank motion.

The Water Grinder’s wooden seat can be positioned on either side in three varying height setups. It can be positioned from both a sitting or standing post. Its handles can be set in eight rising levels to adjust the resistance. The smallest rotation radius signifies the minimum intensity, the bigger the radius, the higher the workout intensity goes.

The Commercial Upper Body Water Grinder can be used from the anterior, side, and rear faces of this equipment. You can also use it while sitting or standing depends on what specific part of the body you would want to develop. Each situation of your body while tinkering with the machine signifies pinpoint development on different regions of your body, mainly the chest part, abdomen, back region, arms and shoulders. A very efficient piece of innovation.

The Upper Body Water Grinder is very quick to use while allowing a wide variety of exercise choices. Its sleek, teardrop-shaped wood frame is a true eye-candy in the home studio or commercial gym setting. The Water Grinder’s handles are ergonomically made, producing the machine’s resistance in its water tank. The water resistance is self-generated, which means that every move adjusts exactly the strength input, thus, the harder you push or pull the paddles, the greater the resistance would be. Perfect for those who seek more challenge in their daily workout grinds.