Commercial Seated Row Machine

The Commercial Seated Row Machine is a piece of gym equipment that allows you to develop good posture as you work your core and back muscles by simulating the motion of rowing. All Seated Row Machines in this collection are made with high-grade materials to ensure that it lasts a long time even amidst the harsh conditions every commercial gym has.

The Commercial Seated Row Machine is one of the best equipment that focuses on improving the user’s overall body posture. Aside from these, however, it is also key for getting your need for core body exercises. It facilitates this revolutionary effect by linking a cable that is usually loaded with weight plates to a V bar handle. This makes it so that you will have to keep yourself upright when performing every workout to reap the most benefits out of the machine, with the V bar being the ideal form to keep your body balanced.

The workout movements involved in performing seated cable rows are actually simple. First, simply sit in an upright position on the seated row machine’s seat. Ensure that you are facing the low pulley part of the rowing machine with the V-bar linked to the cable mechanism. Then, keep your feet anchored on the platform in front, with your knees slightly bent but not locked-out into place. Keeping your back in proper posture, hold on to the V bar, keep your arms fully extended upfront, and pull back with your torso until you reach a position wherein it is at a 90-degree angle with your legs. Pull the handles of the V bar toward your back, then exhale, keeping your arms close to your body. Keep pulling until your thumbs touch your abs. Squeeze your back muscle groups as you perform this. Hold your posture, release, repeat. It is just that easy; follow these steps, and you’re on your way to reaching an improved posture and well-developed core.