Commercial Leg Extension Machine

Commercial Leg Extension Machines are of top priority when considering what to put in a commercial gym. Most runners, cyclers and triathlons look for these machines when choosing their desired gym, it is very important that we have these machines ready when they look for one.

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There are numerous leg machines you can use to shape your legs, but one of the best ones to use is the leg extension machine. These are examples or ideas on how to properly perform specific leg machines.

The first step you need to consider is to adjust the counterweight on the leg extension machine. Place your feet underneath the machine’s leg rest. You will want to make sure to do appropriate weight, meaning don’t go too heavy or too light.

Now all you need to do is perform the movement. Performing the movement is very easy, but make sure to place your back against the seat. This is important because it will help keep your back straight throughout the movement. Once your back is straight and up against the seat you will want to extend your legs slowly, using your quads. Make sure to perform it nice and slow and do not hyper-extend your leg.

The last thing a person should do is hold their breath during this exercise or any exercise for that matter. When you use the leg extension machine you will want to exhale as you extend your leg, and then inhale when you start to return your legs back to the original position.

Try to perform at least a total of five sets of the exercise. As for the number of reps you should do, try to do between 10-15 reps per set, as this is a great exercise to shape the quads, thus high reps are ideal.