Commercial Flat Bench Press Machine

The Commercial Flat Bench Press Machine is a piece of very common equipment that is impossible not to see in a gym facility. It is an essential machine for beginner athletes and for those starting to workout.

A flat Bench is an assistive machine that can be considered a core exercise in almost all upper body workouts. Even though known as a chest muscle exercise, it works out almost all upper body muscle groups while maintaining a straight posture in order to work into the target muscle groups.

This Machine is almost the same with an incline bench but this time you are in a seated straight position. Unlike the bench press, thanks to a variety of angles of the handle, you can choose a position safer for those who have shoulder injuries. For anyone who has a fragile shoulder or has chronic shoulder pain, the chest press machine is the solution.

Compared with the bench press, the Flat Bench Press Machine is safer, because the machine uses cables and pulleys and is on a fixed motion and won’t need any assistance from anyone. The equipment also is efficient, there is no need to add and replace weight plates like the barbell press. All you need to do is adjust the pin from one weight to another and you can continue with your workout.

Also, the bench press when performed incorrectly may cause injuries to the shoulder joint, unlike the chest press machine where the posture is already fixed and you won’t have to worry of any accidents.