Bulgarian Bag

The Bulgarian Bag is an excellent exercise apparatus that work a plethora of muscles in the body and provides a good shake-up to what would be an otherwise stale workout experience.

The Bulgarian Bag is a great exercise tool you can use to shake up your routine, while ensuring that you are getting the best results you can from your workouts. Here are some exercises you can use in order to make the most of this rather unorthodox, but nonetheless effective tool.

One of the most common and simple exercises you can perform with the Bulgarian bag is the halo. It is a very ideal exercise that one can use in order to loosen up the muscles in the shoulders and allow them a wider range of movement. Furthermore, it also allows one to develop the strength of their core muscles and spine. One of the most appealing parts about this exercise is the rapidly-changing directions of the motions, which allows for an exercise experience that has both increased intensity and motion range.

To perform the halo, simply hold the Bulgarian bag over your hand, and rotate the bag around it. Once you complete a rotation, simply reverse the direction and repeat.

Another very good exercise with the Bulgarian bag is the rotational swing. One’s strength in performing rotational motion is a very important part of one’s physical fitness as one goes on to perform their everyday tasks - such is moreso for those who exercise on a regular basis. The rotational swing is geared towards working out the obliques and shoulder muscles in a relatively simplistic side-to-side motion. When performing the exercise, it is best to assure that you are breathing properly, using the nose to inhale, and using the mouth to exhale. It is also important to twist your torso as you gain momentum in the exercise.

To perform the rotational swing, simply hold on to the bag with your hands on each of its two handles, and spin it in a circular motion in front of you, with your knees slightly dipping every time you reach the lowest point in the downward arc. Perform this exercise at a steady pace, and make sure you are changing the direction of your rotations every 15 seconds.

The lateral swing is a significantly more difficult version of the rotational swing exercise as it still forces you to utilize the muscles in your obliques and shoulders. In the case of the lateral swing, when you are building up momentum and your body is twisting, it is best to drive your hips down, as if to squat and keep the muscles on the torso area tight and upright. This is a great example of one of the greatest upsides of using the Bulgarian bag, as with the proper form in these kinds of exercises, it is truly one of the most effective ways to work out your muscle tissue correctly.

To perform the lateral swing, simply hold onto the bag, and swing it up in order to place it on your shoulder. Afterwards, put one of your feet slightly forward, and swing the bag towards that side. Do the same for the other side, and go on in a similar manner, alternating between sides.