Boxing Shield

Boxing shields have revolutionized boxing training significantly, giving trainees a chance to really hit as hard as they can in practice.

Many full-contact sports tend to end up utilizing strike shields in training strength, accuracy, and power among its newer practitioners. Boxing is definitely no exception to this. Boxing coaches have to drill their students by making them perform repetitive exercises with uppercuts, jabs and salvos of punch combinations in quick succession. However, a boxing student can’t simply hammer their trainer; they might end up injuring their coach if they go at full strength in practice. Conversely, if they were to hold back, they wouldn’t be able to reach their full potential. It’s a common saying that your performance in practice is more often than not going to be how you perform on game day. Hence, it is far too important to practice at full power.

This is why the boxing shield has become such an iconic part of the training equipment packages that boxing coaches often tend to use. It allows new boxers to really go as hard as they can as they build the strength they need to pose a threat to seasoned boxers. It has just allowed boxing coaches to push the bounds of boxing training. This piece of gym equipment is definitely a mainstay of the boxing gym setting for years to come. It may seem like too limited a tool to serve any purpose for an individual to own, but boxing shields can be used for a variety of combat sports, be it Muay Thai, boxing, kickboxing, and others. If you think you won’t be able to put it to good use, know that you can put all those thoughts to rest.



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