Collection: Barbells

A barbell is always used in sports such as weightlifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding. There are two main sizes of barbells:
Standard Size Barbell - with a 28mm shaft, and Olympic Size Barbell - with a 50mm shaft.
At Gym and Fitness, we have barbells to suit your needs whether you are a beginner or a competitive Olympic weightlifter!

Probably the most iconic and most popular gym equipment there is would be the barbell. This long metal bar has been often used as symbol that depicts strength, power and muscle fitness.

There are two types of barbells. One is the Standard Size Barbell which has a 28mm shaft and the other being the Olympic Size Barbell a bar with a 50mm shaft size. These two differs in both size, weight, purpose and of course value in their price tags. Standard Barbells are much cheaper than the olympic size. This type of barbells are best suited for home use, light lifters and beginners. Olympic Size Barbells may cost you more but the benefits that you'll reap from them are too many in number and way too valuable for weight lifters. These barbells are much longer, thicker, heavier and way more durable than the standard ones making them perfect for commercial use. Olympic size barbells can also handle more weight load than the Standard barbells and since they're much thicker you don't have to worry about them breaking into two while you're power lifting.

Choosing which one's better between the two types of barbells may be tilted more in the olympic size's favour but really its just a matter of choosing exactly what you need. Weigh in your needs and think ahead. This will very likely benefit you in the long run. Either way, no matter which one you choose in the end, you can still perform the exact same exercises on both bars.

There are a lot of exercises and workouts you do with a barbell and target different types of muscle groups as well. You can target your biceps, triceps, forearms, glutes, back area, traps, hamstrings, shoulders and bulk up your chest as well. Sounds quite a lot just by using a barbell right? Just to name a few of the best exercises you can do with a barbell, one would be the ever popular bench press which is proven to be one of the best chest workouts and to name another would be deadlifts which are exercises that help improve your overall strength.

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