Balance Air Pad

The balance air pad is a useful balance training tool that is particularly useful for core training, as well as rehabilitation.

Balance is an integral part of an individual’s physical fitness. It is most aptly defined as the body’s ability to take on all external forces and achieve a state of equilibrium by moving around one’s force across the body. It may seem like a trivial matter, but in truth, the heaviest deadlifts and squats can only be achieved by a person with perfect balance. Without being able to achieve equilibrium, especially in these heavy weightlifting exercises, one side of the body or the other will surely give in to the unnecessary stress being put on it. This is why balance is important; it allows you to allocate the stress while weightlifting evenly across the body, thus increasing your overall capability and endurance. There are many ways that people try to achieve the training needed to acquire the improved balance that they need for many various reasons. This can be done with the body alone, or with the help of training weights. However, there are some pieces of gym equipment, such as the balance air pad, that is made specifically for this purpose.

The balance air pad is one example of these pieces of custom balance practice gym equipment. The rubber platform provides a versatile balancing surface that is particularly useful in doing core exercises. For those who are new to the gym, or those who are getting back after a hiatus or a major injury that has prevented them from going to the gym, the balance air pad is also a good way to easily rehabilitate yourself and get yourself back to peak shape by simply using it as a seating pad, thus facilitating what exercisers like calling dynamic seating.