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Backyard Games

Let your children enjoy the outdoors within a controlled environment in your backyard while moulding their fragile bodies. We have collated the safest backyard options for the young ones and the young at heart alike.


Nowadays, technology tends to draw most of the kids’ attention. A lot of devices like mobile phones, smart televisions, gaming platforms and the likes keep kids indoors most of the time. It is proven that it can impact a child’s health development negatively. Obesity is one of the leading results that kids get when they stay indoors with a sedentary lifestyle.

On the other hand, outdoor activities have a lot of not only health but also mental benefits to offer children. Exposure to peers can also help them develop social skills, sharpen their minds’ creativity and imagination

Playing outdoors should be a vital part of every kid’s growing up years. It is a wonderful way to learn various life skills, a great chance for kids to flourish, run, jump, make a mess, explore their self in natural surroundings. Therefore, it is important for parents to play a conscious and proactive role in developing a positive outlook toward outdoor games among kids.

There are so many benefits the outdoors has to offer, listed below are some of the best examples:

  1. Physical Health Development

Playing outdoors increases children’s stamina, develop their muscles and bones, fitness level. Their exposure also helps them build better resistance and immunity to fight various kinds of diseases like heart problems, diabetes, obesity and the likes. The outdoor environment also offers fresh air and the sun’s vitamin D which helps prevent deficiency and improves eyesight.

  1. Boosts Creativity

Participating in outdoor activities increases a child’s creativity and imagination. Due to the natural surroundings, a child’s vision tends to be stimulated and develop artistic ideas, inventive perception and extraordinary ideas.

  1. Acquire Social Skills

Kids can also develop social skills outdoor while interacting with other kids. It helps them develop camaraderie and care for others. Whilst children that are locked up inside their homes are isolated and may develop introvertness.

  1. Personality Development

Outdoor activities could also help a child’s personality by being exposed to unfamiliar situations, hence, they develop adaptivity, responsibility, confidence and discipline. They can also unusual experiences like emergency situations which would help them improve decisiveness and sense of urgency.

  1. Attention Span Improvement

Playing outdoor helps kids improve their mental health. It play a major role in expanding their attention span, improves their focus, increases their observation and reasoning skills. Children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) were also known to develop positively when exposed to outdoor activities.

  1. Attain Motor Skills

Outdoor activities can also help kids sharpen their motor skills. They achieve better agility, balance and body coordination.

  1. Love for Nature

Kids exposed to the outdoor environment naturally melds with nature, therefore, they develop the love for nature, they develop an appreciation for the natural surroundings. The great outdoors make children appreciative of their environment because they were able to experience the fresh air they breathe compared to the suffocating confinement of rooms.