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Treadmill Workout Tutorials

Exercise plays a crucial role in our everyday lifestyle. However, for someone who’s regular life has rotated from family responsibilities to tiring day shift jobs, it is nearly impossible to obtain regular exercise even for 15 to 30 minutes. Fortunately, your workout regimen at the gym can be taken home and into your own garage or living room. Gym equipment for home use is now possible for people who want to get fit and healthy yet cannot spare the time and effort from travelling to the gym.

Among the many workout equipments you can use at home, treadmills are the most common one. Treadmills are a great tool that can improve one’s cardio through emulating running exercises at a controlled station. However, for someone who’s new to the equipment, they may not be able to maximize the use of treadmills as it potentially can be for pros and fitness trainers alike. There are various workouts you can try on a treadmill. Each of the workouts allows you to target not only your lower body but also your upper muscle groups thereby making your exercise much more efficient even though you’re only doing it in shorter time frames.

One treadmill workout you can try is the interval training. This particular workout works by combining a short 1-minute burst of high-intensity exercise followed by a 4 minute recovery period with low to the intermediate intensity or burst out. Ideally, you will have to do this in 5-minute cycles or intervals. The end result will be a very intense training exercise that delivers surprising results. Also referred to as HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training, a 30-minute interval training is the fastest technique to lose pounds, get whipped into shape, and significantly improve your running speed. There are several benefits that are unique to this particular workout exercise.

One major benefit is that it burns fat quicker. The mixture of slow and fast running paces enhance your metabolic rates, which lead to more calories being burned. In addition, your metabolic rate stays at high levels even after your workout thus entailing to continuous fat burning and efficient weight loss.

Another benefit of the workout is that it engages the fast-twitching fibres on your body. The sprint compound assists in functionally isolating and training the rapid-twitching muscle fibres on your legs. This results in your legs being taught on how to turn-over or change direction while running. This enables the person to run faster without injuring his/her leg.

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