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Top 10 Fitness Equipment

Home Fitness Equipment has improved tremendously over the years. Staying fit no longer means one will have to go to the gym to use the fitness equipment. People today have full gyms in their homes. This allows them to stick to a regiment of exercise and improve their overall health. Fitness equipment is essential in strengthening muscles and cardio especially when there is no place to get outside and run or bicycle. Cardio equipment allows one to strengthen their heart and lungs by raising their heart rate and keeping it up for a period. Muscle strengthening is essential to the overall fitness of the body.

The top ten fitness equipment pieces are as shown:

Treadmills allow people to walk while staying inside. The treadmills today will watch calories burned monitor your heart rate and allow you to adjust speeds. They also will build stamina and raise the heart rate. Treadmills are great for walking while watching television or listening to music. Some people even read or study while walking. The treadmills today add levels for increased performance. One can walk leisurely or walk as if on a nature trail and finally perform as if on stairs. If no other equipment is affordable, the treadmill will give the cardio and leg exercise that you need to stay fit.

Exercise Bikes have been around a long time also. The bikes allow a person the convenience of riding without having to adjust to the elements outside. Bikes come in all levels of quality and performance. While riding a bike, the exerciser will work leg muscles and buttocks to tighten and stretch them. The bike will also allow for cardio workouts. The workout is dependent on the speed and endurance level you set your bike. These are also good for watching television or reading while riding.

Elliptical will provide overall body strengthening. They allow you to work on all aspects of your body while also giving the cardio workout you need. Free weights give the same workout for an experienced fitness person.

Abdominal Exercise equipment is important to a lot of men and women. Everyone wants to rid his or her body of flabby abs.

Jump rope is great for exercising and play. These are relatively cheap and can provide the same cardio as some of the other expensive pieces of equipment. Using a pedometer will allow you to track your workout.

Exercise balls are a big trend in abs workout. They can provide many exercises when used as directed that will help strengthen your back muscles, leg muscles, and arms.

Physical Therapy department uses Thera Bands to help with strength and resistance training. These are great to use any time and travel easy.

These are just a few of the pieces of equipment one may find to help with keeping fit. Online fitness sites and Exercise equipment sites can direct you in purchasing what you may need at prices you can afford.


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