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Exercises for Bone Mass in the Lower Back on an Elliptical Trainer

According to studies, 29 per cent of Australians over 50 years old have low bone mass in their lumbar spine. As one age, fractures caused by osteoporosis can cause substantial pain and limited movement. For this reason, it is important to perform weight-bearing exercises to alleviate this pain. Though the elliptical trainer does not provide as much weight impact as other exercises, it can help in strengthening the lower back as well. Before starting your exercise, you should buy a cross trainer that fit your needs. There are numerous cross trainers for women out in the market and also men's cross trainers.

Using an Elliptical Trainer – Elliptical trainers can work both your upper and lower back. They combine the movements of bicycling, walking and stair stepping. When using an elliptical trainer, your feet never leave the pedal as your feet push it to rotate the mechanism. By doing this motion, you are able to get the benefits of high impact exercises such as running and walking without the harsh and jarring impact on the body. Some machines even have poles and other movements that mimic other sports such as cross-country skiing and pedalling.

The Benefits of Using an Elliptical Trainer – An elliptical trainer provides low-impact exercises that use the weight of your own body as you pedal and push to strengthen the lower back. New bone growth is encouraged when weight-bearing exercises are performed on a weekly or daily basis. And since the exercises are low-impact, there is a lower risk of injury as opposed to high-impact exercises such as running.

Safely Use an Elliptical Trainer – When starting off on the elliptical trainer, it is important to do so slowly to prevent injuries. At the gym, you should ask an attendant about the different settings on the machine. Set the speed and inclines on the elliptical trainer to your current fitness level. Know the limits of your body and do not set the machine to too high of a setting. You can get injured if you do this. As certain settings get easier, you can then increase its speed and incline.


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