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Commercial Gym Equipment

Gym Workouts

Gym enthusiasts need the latest fitness equipment to help them achieve a quality workout. One can find a lot of fitness centres and gyms equipped with the latest and high-end commercial gym equipment. However, there are also some people who prefer the privacy of their homes when working out. Regardless of the preferred location, you need the right gym equipment to help achieve your strength training goals.

Commercial gym equipment comes in various brands, models and variations to assist you to train specific body parts. Since there are several choices available, it is very important to get the right advice and choose suitable quality commercial gym equipment for the amount of traffic that will be using the equipment.

Some of the commercial gym strength equipment commonly used today:

Commercial Power Rack

A power rack plays a vital role in most strength training. One of the most common pieces of equipment used for strength training in a free weight environment is a power rack. A commercial power rack is built to the highest of standards, higher gauge steel, safety bars and strong j-hooks to support the heaviest of lifts.

Multi-Station Gyms

A commercial Multi-Station Gym is a piece of equipment best for smaller gyms as it makes the most out of smaller spaces. Multi gyms are commonly found in apartment/hotel gyms and mine sites. These pieces of equipment have multiple stations so that several users can work out at once and it has the ability to isolate muscle groups.

Leg Presses

Leg presses are a common piece of equipment in a commercial gym. Although squats are a great strength exercise, some people prefer the safety of a leg press.

Pec Dec / Chest Press

This piece of equipment features an approximate 70-degree strength training angle. This equipment will aid in the development of the mid-chest as well as the upper chest muscles. A chest press or pec dec can be utilised by both beginners and professional powerlifters.

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