Is Your Personal Trainer Full of Crap?

Many people want to lose weight, and if you are one of those people then you know why. You want the self-esteem that comes with a perfect body. You want to be able to walk into virtually any room with confidence, knowing that everyone is looking at YOU. For this reason you might choose to hire a personal trainer, and if you are going to make that choice, you need to make sure you are hiring a high quality persona trainer. The following are a few things that you will need to watch you for:

A Personal Trainer that Cares about YOU

This is much more difficult than it seems, especially when you consider that many personal trainers will have you working out for several weeks at a time, attempt to sell you supplements, and then cut you off after your subscription expires. A good personal trainer will train you without the aid of supplements and will take notes on your progress.

Outright Lies

There are personal trainers that will tell you women are incapable of lifting weights or that it would simply be a bad idea. This is yet another thing that you will want to stay away from. Women are perfectly capable of lifting weights and it is in fact necessary for both men and women.

Over the Edge

Your personal trainer should not push you over the edge! You should not be in pain after a session, and many personal trainers will push you past your limits to make you believe you’ve had an acceptable training session. Do not fall for this!

Calorie Reduction

We need calories to live, and if your personal trainer tries to reduce your calories too far, you might want to dump that personal trainer and find one that knows what he or she is talking about!

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