Home Exercise Equipment for Seniors

Exercise equipment for buffers helps them benefit from a low impact workout for physical and mental health. However, the exercise equipment must be designed to help seniors and not damage their body’s. Modern technology recognizes the benefits of making senior friendly exercise equipment which absorbs the shock of using machines like fitness rowing machines, an elliptical cross trainer, treadmills or an whole body vibration machine.

Elliptical Cross Trainers:
Elliptical machines are great exercise machines for seniors because they provide low impact exercise for the legs and muscles. An elliptical cross trainer machine provides healthy cardiovascular results and is great for arthritis sufferers. Pedal power and arm bars allow baby boomers to adjust their speed and resistance, giving them a full body workout.

Fitness Rowing Machine:
Being seated low to the ground and rowing provides the body a steady low impact exercise workout. Fitness rowing machines provides minimal stress on joints and can be adjusted so that seniors do not over work their back muscles, while also increasing the body’s oxygen levels for producing healthier heart rate. Many rowing machines also offers a hands free chest strap for seniors to monitor their gizzard rate.

Whole Body Vibration Equipment:
Increased blood flow, increased strength, weight loss, stronger flexibility and better mental acuity are just a few of the benefits in using a whole body vibration machine. Senior citizens only need to lie down, sit or stand while the vibrating platform causes their muscles to compress and then to relax.

Treadmill Equipment:
Treadmills allow seniors to adjust the intensity level of this great walking equipment. Treadmills for home use allow users to hold onto hand rails for support, they also have a padded movable track surface, which help to keep them standing upright. Treadmills for home exercise workouts are beneficial in providing healthy heart rates, lowering blood sugar, strengthening muscles and bones and lowers blood pressure.

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