Business vs Passion, which one will take you further?

There are people in the health and fitness industry that are only in it for the business-side of things. We ask Australian Fitness Academy’s Marketing Manager, Sarah Morrissey… what is your advice to those who are not really into health and fitness, but more of an entrepreneur, who’d like to pursue fitness certifications? Business vs Passion, which one will take you further?

Firstly I applaud anyone who has decided to make a change in their lives for the better, regardless of what their reasoning is – whether it’s adopting a new health and fitness routine, spending more time with the family, walking the dog every day, changing careers or taking up a course.

This is an interesting question as we hear all the time that you should follow your passion and you will then succeed in your career. Having a deep passion for what you do, and finding your ‘why’ are very important in succeeding as they can help you when things get tough and you are more likely to get through those tough times if you refer back to your ‘why.’

Having said this, there are many successful business owners in the fitness industry who have a passion for business and are not necessarily ‘into’ health and fitness. They surround themselves with those people with a passion for fitness and employ those people with passion as ‘Fitness Professionals’ in their facilities.

Fitness Courses are not as easy as many people perceive them to be. You need to study, learn and apply by gaining practical experience. Is this made harder if you do not have a passion for fitness – maybe, maybe not? It comes down to the individual studying, applying themselves and seeking support when required.

It would be great to see more people coming through the Personal Training Courses with an understanding that being a successful Personal Trainer and achieving longevity in the industry requires business acumen too.

Those that are most likely to succeed in the industry will have a healthy balance of passion for fitness and helping people and an appreciation for the importance of improving their business skills.

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