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Alternatives to Smith Machine Overhead Presses

Many people think that they are unable to do regular strength and fitness training because they assume they need to use costly gym equipment on a regular basis. This is not the case! Most people do not have gym equipment in their home and many smaller local gyms cannot afford expensive gym and fitness machines. There are many alternatives to smith machine like you find in large chain workout facilities. Most machines are designed to assist you in workouts that can be done with barbells and free weights. Strength equipment that helps you with exercises such as shoulder or overhead presses are targeting key muscles in your back and shoulders. These muscles can be targeted and properly worked out without the use of a Smith machine. Using barbells allows you a free range of motion that the machines do not. This extra movement works not only the trapeziums and rhomboids but it will also involve secondary muscle systems within the same area of the body. While Crossfit equipment and other machines do control the motions you use during a workout to reduce impact, the overall benefit of the workout is slightly lessened.

The seated dumbbell press is another alternative to the traditional mechanized workout. Using free weights gives you more control. However, you should be sure that you are choosing weights that will fatigue you by the time you have done 12 repetitions. When performing workouts with free weights you still need to pay attention to form. A seated dumbbell press calls for 90-degree angles of your forearms at your side and extending the press until your elbows are completely extended. Beginners find this type of exercise beneficial in training their body to maintain proper control and form during exercise. Choosing to use free weights over machine exercises has many benefits and allows you to add more variety to your workout.

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