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The Best Cardio to Burn Fat Without Burning Muscle

An exercise that is focused on the cardiovascular system helps prevent a variety of health conditions such as heart disease. People suffering from obesity will also experience fat-burning benefits and an increase in muscle mass. Specialized cardiovascular exercise equipment will allow the person to focus on periods of both high and low-intensity exercise.

A treadmill allows the person to set their own individual pace. Treadmills generally have various settings to walk slowly or speed to a run.

Exercise Bikes
Stationary exercise bikes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The bike provides a good cardio workout. The user can peddle at a leisurely pace or speed up for an intense workout. Users can also position the stationary bike in front of the television for a bit of entertainment while exercising.

Rowing Machines
A rowing machine is a non-weight bearing piece of workout equipment. It provides the user with both upper and lower body conditioning. The user will usually experience abdominal tightening. By increasing the machine’s resistance rate, the user will attain a good cardio workout.

Vibration Machine
A vibration machine does not increase cardio, but it does help build muscle mass. The user stands on a plate and is vibrated. He must use the muscles in his body to balance. The continued use of muscles to balance helps build up muscle mass.

Elliptical Cross Trainers
Elliptical cross trainers are a low impact way to improve the cardiovascular system. The user will experience reduced back and leg fatigue. The machine also provides users with good weight-bearing exercises. With continued use, the elliptical cross trainer will provide users with improved heart conditions and good weight-bearing exercises.

With so many types of cardio equipment to choose from, the user should research and try each piece out before making a decision.


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