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Pregnancy and Exercise


Working Out and Your Pregnancy
Exercising during pregnancy is optimal for you and your baby’s health. Some of the benefits of exercising while pregnant include building strength and stamina for delivery, lessening the chance of picking up too much pregnancy weight, encouraging a positive mood, having more energy during the day and sleeping better at night. Of course, it is always best to discuss your exercise goals with your doctor before starting your program, to ensure you are following the regimen your physician prefers for you. Most doctors prefer pregnant patients to stay active and exercise. With studies and research, doctors have learned exercising while pregnant does not just involve a slow walk through the park. Within certain guidelines, you can add variety to your routine by adding gym equipment.

Swim, Walk, Stretch
Basic exercises that are low impact and easy to moderate and control how much energy you put into them are swimming, walking and light stretching. While pregnant it is important to listen to your body. If you are feeling tired, strained, dizzy, out of breath or in any pain, you may have done too much.

Fitness Equipment
Pregnancy does not stop you from using fitness equipment. Home gym equipment is a great investment. After giving birth and adjusting to having a newborn in the house, you will be short on time but anxious to shed pounds. Increase the adjustments to your pregnancy workout equipment and you have easy access to an intense cardio workout any time of the day. While pregnant treadmills and exercise bikes offer an indoor workout that keeps you away from extreme conditions such as heat, rain, slippery roads and uneven road. After the baby, turn on the intensity and quickly get back into your old jeans.

Exercise Balls

After the fourth month of pregnancy, abdominal workouts are impossible because doctors encourage patients to not lie on their back. It is possible to get a great abdominal workout sitting up on an exercise ball. Strong abdominals encourage a healthy delivery and lessen the chance of back pain. Exercise balls also help to open the hip joints, which aids in preparing for delivery.

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