Is the No Excuse campaign a body shaming act in disguise?

The ‘No Excuse’ campaign started by Maria Kang, fitness expert and a mother of three, has been very controversial and was constantly accused of body shaming. We invited Selina Wright, owner of Red E Personal Training ( to share her thoughts about the no excuse campaign. Is it body shaming in disguise or a powerful and effective campaign?

When Maria Kang posted a picture of herself looking fit and with no signs of any post pregnancy ‘jiggly’ bits the social media world went wild.  Since then many more mums looking buff and fit have posted similar ‘inspiring’ images.

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So is this really fat shaming in disguise?

My opinion – if you want it to be!

I can only assume that these women who are showing off their fit bodies, are doing their best to INSPIRE other women that they too, can achieve their post-baby body, or even better if they wish to!

That just because you have had children doesn’t mean you can’t be in top shape, if that’s what you choose and that you don’t have to accept anything less that what you desire.

Ultimately each person is in control of their own emotions and how they feel about these women and these ‘campaigns’. You can use it as inspiration, or you can be offended by it and feel it is ‘fat-shaming’.  Why not feel the positivity and use it as inspiration and be happy for these women!

I think the main fact here is that first and foremost you are HEALTHY, regardless of how jiggly or not-jiggly your post baby body is.  Optimum health is the most important thing to strive for  right now – both for yourself and for your children.

And if along the way you attain a lean, fit body, what a great bonus!

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