How Fit Are You?


At some point someone has more than likely asked you, How fit are you? How fit are you will determined by comparison to that person. For example, if you were standing next to Mr. Universe, then by comparison you will more than likely look like a wimp. However, if you were standing next to John Goodman, then by comparison you might be feeling like you have the fitness level of an Olympic athlete.

How to Determine your Level of Fitness
Fitness can be measured by how easily you could complete an exercise, and how much time was needed to recover from that exercise. Being fit means that you will be physically capable of doing more.

What is the best exercise equipment?
The best exercise equipment will be based on what you like to do. For example, you could have a gym and fitness membership, but if you do not like to go to the gym, then all that equipment available to you does not make any difference. However, if you love to do cardio workouts because you like the challenge and the burn, and that is what pushes you to do daily exercise, then fitness cardio equipment is going to be your best equipment.

Other Ways to Determine your Fitness Level
The most definite way to determine your level of fitness is to take fitness tests. You can find a large variety of different fitness tests available online. Determining your level of fitness is as easy as following the fitness test and seeing if you come in under or over the test. If you do not pass a fitness test, then do not feel bad. With physical fitness you can put yourself into a routine that will help you to beat the test at a later date.

Figuring out if you are fit is a great question to ask. However, looking for a method of exercise that works for you is the best way that you will be able to maintain that level of physical fitness. Even if you are physically fit, that does not mean that you should idly stand by because getting out of shape is inevitable with if you are not exercising your body.

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