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Body Blast Workout in 10 Moves

Try this simple but effective workout using only bodyweight. It is an ideal workout when you are short on time, short on equipment, travelling, at home, or even on a lunch break at work. The workout hits every major muscle group.


Jumping Jacks 3 x 20
High Knees 3 x 30 seconds
Run in place bringing your knees to a height that is even with your waist. Keep your upper body tall and ensure your chest does not fall towards the ground.
Heel Kicks 3 x 30 seconds
Run in place kicking your heels back towards your glutes. Keep your upper body tall and ensure your chest does not fall towards the ground.
Arm Circles 3 x 10 forward and 3 x 10 back

Main Set

1. Monster Complex 
Full squat, starting standing and ending standing. Squat again but stay in the down position so you can place hands on the ground. Jump feet back creating plank position with arms straight. The body should resemble the top of push up. Perform 2 push-ups. Jump feet in, Stand up. Repeat.

2. Squat touch
Start standing tall, jump legs out as if doing a jumping jack. Stop when your feet land in the wide position. As soon as your feet touch, allow your lower body to go into a squat while touching the ground with your hands. Quickly stand up and bring your feet together.

3. Hollow Rock
Lie down face up with arms extended overhead and legs straight. Bring your head, arms, and feet off the ground about 20 cm. Keep your biceps close to your ears. Keeping the core engaged, rock your body back and forth allowing your hands to touch the ground as you rock towards your head and your feet to touch the ground as you rock towards them.

4. Jump Lunges
Start standing. Take a big step forward with your right leg. Bend the right knee until your right thigh is parallel to the ground. Do not allow your knee to go over your toe. The left leg should be bent with the knee near the floor. Keeping the core engaged, jump off the ground with enough force to allow your legs to switch positions. The left leg is now in front and the right leg is pointing down.

5. Knee to Elbow Plank Holds
Start with the body in a push-up position. Keeping your body straight, slightly bend the elbows allowing your chest to come halfway to the ground. Using your right knee, reach it towards your right elbow. Straighten leg and repeat with left leg. Straighten elbows so you are once again at top of a push-up position. Shift weight to the left hand. Reach in front of you using the right hand. Bring the right hand to starting position and repeat with the left hand.

6. Superman
Lie face down with legs straight and arms overhead. Contract your low back, glutes, thighs in order to raise your chest and thighs off the ground. Keep your eyes focused on the ground and maintain your neck straight. Your biceps should remain close to your ears.

7. Lateral Jumps
Start standing with feet together. Perform a ‘mini squat’, tighten your core and jump laterally toward your right side. Land softly, absorbing most of your weight with your right foot. Immediately upon landing, repeat jump to the other side.

8.Handstand Push Up, Modified
Place your knees on a solid, stable surface such as a couch or sturdy bench. Press your hands into the ground and support your body. At this point, your body should resemble an upside-down V, with hands on the ground, knees on bench and glutes raised into the air. Press your hands into the ground and extend the elbows so that your head raises up off the ground. Bend the elbows allowing your head to come close to the ground and repeat. Note that you should be feeling this movement in your shoulders/arms, but very little in your chest.

9. Thread the Needle
Start in a plank position supporting your body on your elbows and toes. Shift your weight onto your right elbow as you reach towards the right side with your left hand. The left hand is moving in the space between your chest and the ground. In one fluid motion, pull the left arm out from under your body and reach up towards the sky on your left side. This motion will cause you to rotate towards the left so that your hips are stacked on top of one another, your arm is up, and your chest is facing the left. Slowly bring the left hand down and repeat using the right hand.

10. Floor Jacks
Begin in push up position. Maintain a tight core and walk your body to the right. The movement will come from the right arm and right leg reaching toward the right side. You will remain face down in a push-up position the entire time. After 10 meters, return to starting spot by moving towards the left.

Perform 3 sets of 15 reps for each of the above.

Bonus Ab Burn
11. Leg Lift Holds
Lie faceup with your feet stretched out and your hand's palms down, underneath your low back. Raise your legs off the ground 30 cm and hold for 20 seconds. Raise your legs to 45 degrees from the ground and hold for 20 seconds. Raise your legs to 90 degrees so that your feet are pointing up. Do not lower your legs in between the lifts. Repeat 2-4 times.

Instead of reps, do each exercise for time (20 to 60 seconds)
Perform 3-5 sets of 10-15 repetitions as fast as possible
Add a round of running in between every 2 exercises. This can be done in place or actually moving.

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