Best Exercises for Healthy Heart


The most important muscle you can exercise is your heart. The heart is responsible for keeping us alive by carrying blood throughout our bodies. The stronger and healthier the heart is, the more easily oxygen and nutrients are moved throughout the body, which is what keeps us alive. Along with a healthy diet, being active in gym and fitness practices promises you are doing the best for your heart and body. Let’s take a look at four of the best cardio equipment available to ensure a healthy heart.

Cross Trainer
Cross trainers, also known as the elliptical, offer flexibility and is considered one of the best cardio equipment. Most cross trainers offer a low- impact lower and upper body workout. With an adjustment to the settings the workout can be increased for an intense level of fat burning.

Rowing Machine
Rowing machines offer a great all over workout. While strengthening cardiovascular performance, the rowing machine also increases stamina and muscle tone. Cheap rowing machines are available online for home use. There are cheap rowing machines that fit easily under a bed.

Vibration Machine
Vibration machines offer a cardio workout and have therapeutic benefits. They do the work for you and are a great addition to any workout, regardless of what fitness level you are at. Vibration machines are an excellent source of cardio exercise for someone that may be overweight, have health problems or recovering from an injury. Increase the speed and it is an additional workout for any gym and fitness.

No other cardio machine offers more flexibility than the treadmill. Regardless of age, health or fitness level a workout can be formulated on a treadmill to ensure proper heart health, burn calories and build stamina. The treadmill offers the option of walking, speed-walking, jogging or running. Some treadmills offer incline options that increase the cardio workout. With so many options is it easy to create an interval program that works for you.

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