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5 home gym packages you could buy for less than this years tax return

You did it! Week in week out for the past 12 months, you've been watching large chunks of your hard-earned cash being 'withheld' by the taxman. Now the time has come to hand in your tax return and cash-in baby!

What's more, is that if you earned between $48,000 and $126,000 you could qualify for the Government's bonus $1,080 tax cut bonus!

We can already feel your eye-glazing over while you think of the 1,080 things you could spend that cash-money on, which is why we took the liberty of putting together 5 essential home gyms packages that will cost you less than the average 2019 tax return!*

1) The All-in-one Functional Trainer

If you're looking for a one stop shop, you can't go past Force USA® All-in-one series. The Force USA® G3 is your all-in-one option, decked out with over 10 attachments!

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2) The Dumbbell Starter Kit

If versaitlity is your thing, you really can't go past a good old fashioned dumbbell set (and somewhere to store them!).

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3) The Functional Training Package

Your functional fitness starter pack - this package comes equipped with the basics you need to get your sweat on.

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4) The Elite Cardio Package

Can't get enough cardio in your life? The Elite cardio package offers Assault's Elite AirBike and FreeForm's F80 treadmill to keep you jogging and cycling all the way through to next years tax break.

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5) JX Home Gym Starter Pack

The JX Home Gym Starter Pack combines the most popular home gym unit we've ever sold, with some handy little accessories. Throw in some floor mats and voila! Your very own home gym workout space.

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With ZIP offering 12 months interest-free financing (you heard right, don't pay a single dollar in interest if you pay off the amount in 12 months!), why not stretch your tax return dollars and take your home gym set up to the next level!


Don't see a package that suits your needs? Get it to touch with our sales specialists and let us help you build your own custom package!

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