4 Effective Ways to Flatten Your Stomach Fast

Everyone wants one…a flatter stomach. We all have done numerous crunches and sit ups in our desire to have a flatter abdomen. There are other ways to work your abdomen as well. Just about all activity will engage your core muscles to some degree. Exercises equipement is a great way to achieve results with machines as; exercise bikes, cheap treadmills and elliptiscal. When I began cycling I was concentrating on my legs and then I noticed it really gave my abs a great workout. Here are four ways to achieve that flatter stomach.


This is the most popular of the exercises bikes and a great way to a flatter stomach. It is like riding a normal bicycle by sitting vertically and using the handlebars for support.

A recumbent bicycle will also aid in a firmer stomach as you pedal away while sitting with your back supported and your legs stretched out in front. Recumbent bicycles also work the gluteal muscles more than the upright version. There are usually handgrips for support and the backrest makes in easy to read a book while cycling. Many people find the Recumbent bicycle more comfortable than the seat of an upright bike.

There are many choices in exercises equipments to help you reach your weight loss goals. It can be as simple as a “pedal exerciser” that is a movable set of resistance pedals with straps that you cycle from your own chair or couch. If you prefer a more intense workout, try out a cross-trainer bike that works your upper body with resistance handlebars as you pedal. An Elliptical is very similar to an exercise bike but you do this standing and it has the effect of cycling and walking combined. The closest to pedaling like the outdoors is the Xbike. It simulates up hill riding and engages those core muscles in the abdomen.

In addition to exercising, nutrition plays a big part in a flatter stomach. If your day is filled with drinking sodas and eating sugary foods, your stomach is not going to shrink. You have to really pay attention to good nutrition and fill your body with healthy choices. Incorporate a diet high in fruits and vegetables. Drink lots of water with only an occasional diet soft drink for a treat.

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