10 Easy Ways To Exercise Throughout The Day


There are plenty of ways to effectively and creatively exercise your body during the workday. Having a desk job or little time during the day doesn’t mean it’s impossible to sneak in some moments of beneficial fitness.

1. Squeeze Those Buns
While sitting at your desk and working at your computer, squeeze those gluteus maximus muscles and hold for 10 seconds, then release. Do this in sets of 10 to firm up that rear end, and nobody has to know.

2. Always Take The Stairs
Even if you have to take several flights of stairs to accomplish your errand, stairs are a great way to introduce aerobic activity into your work day.

3. Sitting Stretches
One leg at a time, stretch out your leg and hold it out off the floor while pointing the toe out for five seconds. While keeping the leg out, point the toe to the ceiling for another five seconds then release the leg. Repeat with the other leg.

4. Bend at Breaks
When taking a break, bend slowly at the waist and grab your elbows. Remain in this doubled position for at least 20 seconds then slowly crawl back up to a standing position using your hands on your legs if you need to. This position increases blood flow to your brain and stretches your back muscles.

5. The Housework Hustle
It’s a fact that engaging in vigorous household duties such as vacuuming, sweeping and mopping will help to burn calories.

6. Walk For Lunch
Bring a protein bar and use your lunch break for a power walk around the building or nearby park.

7. Practice Good Posture
The simple practice of good posture and holding in abdominal muscles is a good form of passive exercise.

8. Desk Sitting Balls
Serve to strengthen back and abdominal muscle while improving balance and circulation.

9. Desk Peddler/treadmill
Desk peddlers fit neatly under your desk and can serve to burn calories and strengthen leg muscles while you work.

10. Utilize The Company Gym and Fitness Center
Many work places provide workout space and fitness exercise equipment knowing that employee health makes for happier morale.

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