“Do not rush, cheat yourself or bring an ego to the gym” Says Personal Trainer Of The Day Nash Martin

Meet our Personal Trainer of the Day, Nash Martin of CrossFit Proficient (crossfitproficient.com.au). He’s passionate about exercise and nutrition which he shares to his clients towards the goal of improving their way of living. Read his full interview below.

 Tell us your story, who are you and how did you start in the health and fitness industry?

I became interested in health and fitness through my love of sport and competitive nature. By seeking self improvement initially aimed toward strength and function in the gym, I began to love the process of physically advancing through exercise and nutrition. This quickly became my passion which I have continued to pursue ever since and have also built my career in fitness by sharing with clients.

What were some of the biggest mistakes you made when starting out in this industry?

My biggest mistake when first starting as a personal trainer was thinking that it would be easy to get as many clients as I wished straight away. This wasn’t the case which I soon figured and I have built on that ever since and gained some priceless clients.

What is the most absurd excuse you heard from a client and how did you respond to it?

To this day I have a client that often says “I am dying” to avoid interval or high volume training, however will happily have an in depth conversation about anything for the chance of having a break. These are the little things that you learn about each client and can help you to train them to their full potential and not any lower standards which they may place upon themselves.

What makes your gym/fitness center different from others?

It isn’t your typical franchise style of gym which just blends into every other popping up these days. It consists of experienced and knowledgeable employees with real equipment and space to which it can be used. Any goal can be catered for specifically with options for beginner to advanced training techniqueswhich never get boring.

What is your greatest guilty pleasure when it comes to food?

Food is not so much of a guilt and temptation subject with me. I view nutrition as fuel in which you are able to manipulate toward your desired goal. It should be consumed with knowledge and follow the process in which you are wanting to ultimately achieve. Not saying I don’t enjoy good food, just that if it stands between you and your goals then it is an easy choice. Coffee on the other hand, that stuff is gold!

What are some of your best exercise/workout tips?

Do not rush, cheat yourself or bring an ego to the gym. To make the most of your time exercising it is crucial to use good technique and control throughout any exercise before  adding any further resistance. It is hard to reach your fitness goals with an injury so training smart and consistently will always produce the best results.

What are your goals or plans this year?

This year I will be aiming to expand my business by opening more times for clients to reach their fitness goals. I will also be aiming to get back up on a bodybuilding stage later this year which I believe shows that I have the knowledge and discipline to follow my plans.

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