These 5 Foods Fooled You… Big Time

You consume these everyday–for breakfast, for dessert, or for that quick midnight snack. You feel confident drinking another can or adding that extra scoop because you think these are healthy for your body. On the contrary, you’re facing more serious and alarming level of unhealthiness. So here are 5 foods you thought were healthy but are actually stabbing you in the back.

Diet Soda

Ironically, its description suggests that it’s helpful to lose weight but careful there. Diet sodas will increase your chances of getting obese, type II diabetes, horrible belly fat, but it will never ever help you lose weight. Why are you telling me this dreadful thing? These diet drinks are even worse than your regular sweetened sodas. They have more artificial sweeteners which mess up your metabolism and don’t mess with your metabolism because it will ricochet in the form of weight gain and sugar addiction.

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The word itself sounds healthy but this breakfast favourite contains a lot of unsaturated fat and sugar you can handle in one handful of granola. So what if it contains these unsaturated fats you’re saying?Unsaturated fats and sugar can cause plaque deposits in your blood streams which increases your fair number of chances of heart attack or stroke. Better start thinking if you need another refill of your breakfast bowl.


Call it light, fat-free, or good yogurt, you should’ve chosen the ice cream. There have been a lot of attempts to make yogurt healthy but we end up losing this fight. Light yogurt still has significant amount of sugar plus, it’s super acidic and high acidity in the body causes you to lose calcium in your bones. But I always add fruits and nuts, those are healthy right? You know you’re better off without the extra colours and crunch. These are just extra sugars in disguise!



Green is not always good and the word salad doesn’t help either. A healthy salad has more fruits and vegetables  than the dressing, meat, cheese, cream, croutons and all the toppings you like, and not the other way around. But I use chicken breast and the dressing says fat-free! Keep telling that to yourself because the extra 600 calories you’re eating is definitely not helping.


Trail Mix

This sneaky snack is very tricky it can make you consume excess sugar from the chocolates, excess sodium from the nuts, and excess calories from the dried fruits without you knowing it. That can’t be possible. Right? Try eating two handfuls of this and you’re looking at 600 calories to add in your belly, arms, and legs.



Call it deception or marketing, it is still best to be very vigilant when dealing with the food we eat or we serve to our families. Think twice, even thrice! A friendly reminder from Gym and Fitness.


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