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Meet Rebecca Weller – Vegan Nutrition Inspiration

Gym and Fitness interview with Rebecca Weller from

1.Your blog is an inspiration to others, what inspires you to keep fit and share your experiences with your readers?

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I love the way my body feels when I look after it. Healthy eating and exercise not only make me feel healthier and happier but also tend to keep my creativity flowing so I can follow my passions, including helping others to feel their best. I’m a bit of a Nutrition Geek so I love researching and sharing all things health and wellness with my readers.

2. Have you got any advice for people making the transition from meat eating, whilst training on a daily basis? Any foods you would strongly recommend for Vegan protein intake?

Firstly, I’d recommend making sure that they’re eating enough food during the day. Plant-based food tends to be less calorie dense than animal products, so it’s important to eat regularly – particularly during the transition period while the body adjusts.

Plant foods are abundant in protein – the best sources being lentils, nuts, seeds (including chia, hemp and quinoa), vegetables and whole grains. Spirulina is also a great addition, nutrient-rich and high in protein.

3. What has been the biggest fitness/health challenge you have overcome?

Learning how to become a healthy vegan was quite challenging. When I was vegetarian I thought I was being healthy by eating low-fat frozen dinners and processed ‘diet’ foods. When I chose to follow a vegan lifestyle (2 years ago), suddenly all of those packaged foods were no longer an option.

I was determined to be a healthy, sparkly vegan, so I did an incredible amount of research and experimentation and as I learnt more about health and nutrition, I knew that I wanted to help others to do the same. I followed my passion and enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I’m now the healthiest I’ve ever been, and what’s even more exciting – I’m living my dream with a career as a Health and Lifestyle Coach.

4. What’s your #1 fitness or personal inspiration tip?

Find movement you love! There are so many exercise options out there (gym classes, running, rock climbing, air yoga, stand-up paddle-boarding, pilates, trampolining, etc!), if you find one you really enjoy, you’ll be inspired to do it every day.

5. Which of your blog posts/recipes do you think everyone should read?

Mint Choc Chip SmoothieOoh, well my two favourite recipes at the moment are Crazy Delicious Raw Pad Thai and Mint Choc Chip Smoothie, so that’s definitely a great start! The recipes in my recently released Eating for Energy eBook are also fast, delicious and super healthy.

I believe The Truth About Diet Shakes is such an important article for young women or anyone looking for a quick fix to weight loss, and I wrote On Being Fearless to serve as the little pep talk we all need from time to time.

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