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Adjustable Dumbbells

Picking a Dumbbell Set

One set of two adjustable dumbbells can take the place of an entire rack of ordinary dumbbells. By simply turning the handle you can make the dumbbells any weight you wish. Different models of adjustable dumbbells offer somewhat different specific increments, but you can find models that adjust from about 5 pounds up to over 100 pounds, generally in about 5 pound increments.

Adjustable - Features

This allows you to switch from bench press, to shrugs, to flies -- three exercises that generally require very different weights --with the exact same set of dumbbells. It also allows multiple people of differing strength and fitness levels to work out with the same dumbbells. Keep in mind that since the full dumbbell mechanism can be quite heavy and difficult to transport, depending on the model you select, you will likely need a custom rolling rack to hold the dumbbells, allowing you to transport them as necessary.

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