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Boxing Bags

A boxing bag is an inflated or stuffed leather bag that is suspended, seated on the floor or otherwise positioned for punching with the fist. It is usually round or cylindrical in shape and used by boxers, kick boxers and general martial arts practitioners for punching practice. It can also be used by kick boxers to develop their foot work, timing and eye coordination. They come in various sizes, the smaller ones purposely made to improve the hand speed, coordination and timing of the boxer. The bags can be filled with sand, grain or rags.

Gym and Fitness offers high quality boxing bags that can withstand repeated punches and impact without breaking or deforming. The bags are covered with vinyl and similar material to minimize fist injury, abrasion or mildew.

Some of the boxing bags offered are the SMAI 5ft Man Shape Bag - Rag Filled is a man shape boxing bag simulating an opponent. It is available in one or two leg designs. The 5ft Man also has hanging straps if you would want to suspend it from the ceiling during practice.

The Boxing Bags presented in this category allow the boxer to optimize his punch training in comfort. The bags are made from top quality leather to offer durability and will keep working long after installation."

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